Villa Mariposa home

As soon as you walk through the distinctive carved front door of Villa Mariposa you emerge into a sunny oasis of tranquility.

You are greeted by a large patio area surrounded by tall fruit trees and flowering gardens.

To the left and in front of you are two of the very private bedroom suites. These are large sun-filled rooms with windows and sitting rooms looking out to magnificent views of San Miguel.

You step down to the next floor level that opens onto the swimming pool area, also completely surrounded by many varieties of plants in multi-colored ceramic pots and ochre-painted walls covered with climbing bougainvillea that flourishes year-round in this dry desert-like climate.

The main patio in the pool area is where we all generally gather at the end of the afternoon after running around doing our own things all day, to discuss what we've seen and done. Our conversation is enhanced by the enjoyment of scrumptious guacamole, home-made chips and margaritas.

You immediately take in the tropical splendor of Villa Mariposa under the cloudless blue sky. As you walk around the expansive property you see the six garden patios -- many decorated with murals of multi-colored Mexican tiles. Here are spaces where you can steal away and quietly read your book or listen to your music or have a private conversation.

Then you enter the main floor salon with a fireplace for those cool evenings used for serving after-dinner coffee. The salon opens on to the eighteen-foot high dining room with its impressively crafted Mexican weaving on the wall at the far end.

After margarita time, we might dine at a restaurant in town or treat ourselves to one of our cook's delicious Mexican dinners. The rest of the evening is spent going dancing or attending a concert in town, or watching TV or a DVD upstairs in the entertainment area, or sitting around the outdoor fireplace enjoying the last moments of the day.

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Villa Mariposa · San Miguel de Allende · Mexico