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This unique and picturesque colonial town is located 154 miles northwest of Mexico City. Situated at an altitude of 6400 feet, this is a land of eternal spring and summer. Its dry climate offers ideally cool mornings and evenings and sunny warm days year-round.

Settled in 1542, its beauty and architecture reflect its great historical legacy. San Miguel was at the heart of the revolution of independence in 1810 and has preserved its surroundings since that time. The cobblestone streets, original old doors and walls and historically colored houses and shops make San Miguel a dreamlike place to visit.

The town has a year-round population of artists, artisans, jewelry makers and craftspeople whose shops and galleries are unique in our time. Other activities include horseback and bicycle- riding trails, golf, tennis and of course – fabulous shopping.

Other attractions? Superb international cuisine restaurants (even delivered pizzas!!) hot springs, a yoga center, as well as art and language institutes. Day trips from this historic district bring you to some of the most unusual and interesting sites and towns in Mexico. To complete the picture, there is also a new hospital with American-trained, English-speaking doctors.

Taxis are cheap and plentiful and private cars are neither needed nor useful.

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Villa Mariposa · San Miguel de Allende · Mexico